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The Thornton Family originates from Union Springs, Alabama. We are the descendents of Will and Dina Thornton. This union begot Minnie Bell Thornton, who with Al Griggs begot our third generation. Out of this union nine children were born which included our matriarchs. Evelyn, June, Ruby, Virginia, and Carrie along with Cousin Louise, made the migration north to Louisville, Kentucky during the 1950’s for opportunities of a higher learning and a better way of living. But, regardless of the last name we are the people you know today as the Thornton Family!
Our parents were taught at an early age to love and care for each other and to share this love and care through out the community. This same lesson has been passed down to us and will continue to be passed on to each generation. In 1993 the late Evelyn James founded the Thornton Family Scholarship Fund (a non- profit organization) for the purpose of inspiring our children to seek education whenever possible. Each year this organization hosts the annual Thornton Family-Evelyn James Memorial Scholarship Awards Banquet. This banquet features talents of the Thornton Family, performers throughout the community and various community leaders which has paved the way for many our youth. 

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